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Name : Baan Full House
Product Code : 03-028
Area Size : 38 Sqm
Location: null
Province : นครปฐม
Price : 630,000.-

Details of properties

Urgent sale!! Baan Full House
Area size 38 sq m
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
2nd floor, Building A3
GPS: 13. 716466 100.282491

Our room is empty. Can be decorated and ready to move in
The room is large and wide. But give a good price that is easy on the pocket
The location of the room provides tranquility. There is no problem with noise
The juristic are kind, friendly and always taking care
The project has a large area. and large parking space

Highlights of the room:
Good atmosphere, quiet and shady.
Located on a not too high floor. But provides high privacy

Mail room
Parking area
Entry-exit with key card system
24 hour security system

Nearby places:
Health garden of Om Yai Subdistrict Municipality 190 meters
PTT Gas Station 1.7 km.
Ten Ten Sports Club 2 km.
Charoen Market 3.1 km.
Kao Saen Fresh Market 3.2 km.
Om Yai Fresh Market 4.8 km.
Thanya Market Om Yai 5.9 km.
Big C Om Yai 4.4 km.
Do Home Phetkasem 6.8 km.
Sriwichai Hospital 1.9 km.
Vichaivej Hospital 1.9 km.
Mahachai 2 Hospital 3.1 km.


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