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Name : Baanfah Greenery Pakkred – Ratchapruek
Product Code : 06001
Area Size : 159.4 Sqm
Location: null
Province : นนทบุรี(Nonthaburi)
Price : 5,999,999.-

Details of properties

Baanfah Greenery Pakkred – Ratchapruek
Land size 73 sq m
Usable area size 159.4 sq m
3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
GPS: 13. 935225 100.449408

Beautiful and new house, ready to move in
Inside is an empty house. Open space can be allocated and decorated as desired
There is a security system surrounding the house in a white tone. Clean and simple and pleasing to the eye
There is a wide area. Very suitable for raising a family. Electrical appliances: air conditioner, water heater
The area next to the house is a large open space. Suitable for making and decorating a garden. There is a small additional house next to the main house. and parking for up to 2 cars

24-hour security system

Nearby places:
Prasarn Samakkhi Witthaya School 2.7 km. (5 minutes drive)
Nonthaburi Wittayalai School 6.9 km. (10 minutes drive)
MRT (Purple Line) Tha It Station 9 km. (11 minute drive)
Pak Kret 2 Hospital 7.6 km. (11 minute drive)
Tops The Crystal branch 7.9 km. (12 minute drive)
Pure Place 6 km. (12 minute drive)
Sombat Buri Market 8 km. (13 minute drive)
Central Westgate 11 km. (13 minute drive)
Irrigation College 11 km. (15 minute drive)


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