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Name : Eak Condo View
Product Code : 09-028
Area Size : 91.94 Sqm
Location: null
Province : ชลบุรี
Price : 3,300,000.-

Details of properties

Eak Condo View Project
Area size 91.94 sq m
2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
8th floor
GPS: 13.36519393,100.99146734

It is a room with complete furniture, ready to live in
The cream tone gives a comfortable feeling to the eyes. Already warm and comfortable
Large room with 2 bedrooms, suitable for a family.
Electrical appliances: 3 air conditioners, refrigerator, microwave, electric stove, water heater
The location of the room is in Chonburi city. And next to the road, very suitable for walking

-Passenger elevator
-Swimming pool
-24 hour security

Department Store
Central Dept Store 7.3 km. (18 minute drive)
Chalerm Thai Shopping Mall 1.8 km. (6 minute drive)
Robinson Lifestyle Chonburi 8.0 km. (14 minute drive)

Wat Kamphaeng Municipality School 1.0 km. (4 minutes drive)
Preechanusat School 1.5 km. (5 minutes drive)
Heng Hang School 1.3 km. (5 minutes drive)
Inthapanya Municipal School 1.2 km. (4 minutes drive)
Kasemwit School 750 m. (3 minutes drive)

Medicare Clinic 1.4 km. (5 minutes drive)
Thanawat Medical Clinic 850 m. (3 minutes drive)
Chularat Cholawech Hospital 1.0 km. (3 minutes drive)
Eikchon Hospital 3.2 km. (8 minutes drive)
Chonburi Hospital, After Hours Clinic 2.2 km. (6 minutes drive)

Tourist attractions
Marine Science Institute Burapha University 12.2 km. (20 minutes drive)
Wannapha Beach 14.3 km. (26 minute drive)
Nong Mon Market 11.5 km. (20 minute drive)
Na Jasa Tai Chi Shrine, Ang Sila 10.4 km. (20 minute drive)
Khao Sam Muk Viewpoint 14.7 km. (27 minute drive)
Chonlamarkwithi Bridge Viewpoint 8.1 km. (14 minute drive)

Police Station
Muang Chonburi Police Station 1.8 km. (5 minutes drive)

Please feel free to contact us
Tel/Line ID 065-223-2712 (Marketing Team)

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