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Name : Grand Park Town
Product Code : 08-022
Area Size : 43.85 Sqm
Location: Ratchada
Province : กรุงเทพฯ(Bangkok)
Price : 1,750,000.-

Details of properties

Grand Park Town
Size 43.85 sq m
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
6th floor, Building C

Our room is a large and have a wide area.
Our room is on the upper floor. Open balcony view, not blocked
Its an empty room. There is no decoration or furniture installed.
The project is quiet. Suitable for living
There are plenty of places to eat, restaurants, and markets

Swimming pool
Laundry and ironing shop
24-hour security system

Nearby places :
7-11 58 meters
7-11 260 meters
Soi Sahapramun Market 280 meters
CP Freshmart 400 meters
Tops Daily 1.2 km.
Makro Food Service Mengjai 1.2 km.
The Street Ratchada 4.2 km.
Big C Place Ratchadaphisek 5.1 km.
Fortune Town 5.1 km. Central Rama 9 5.3 km.
Jod Fair Rama 9 5.7 km.
Na Darun School 60 meters
Regents International School Bangkok 450 meters
Embassy of the Democratic Republic of the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic 350 meters
Embassy of the Kingdom of Cambodia in the Kingdom of Thailand 450 meters, PHARMAX drug center 1.1 km.
Medical Center along the Ramindra_At Narong Expressway 1.5 km.
S Spine and Nerve Specialized Hospital for the Spine and Nerve 3.2 km.


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