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Name : The Kith Plus Nawamin
Product Code : 08-051
Area Size : 31.06 Sqm
Location: null
Province : กรุงเทพฯ(Bangkok)
Price : 1,390,000.-

Details of properties

The Kith Plus Nawamin, a condo building surrounded by gardens In Soi Nawamin 163
Area size 31.06 sq m
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
5th floor, Building B

A room, 1 bedroom, simple and elegant white tone
Makes the room feel bright, airy, and not uncomfortable
Electrical appliances: 2 air conditioners
Bed, sofa and tables and chairs are prepared
Looking out is a natural view
Seeing trees makes you feel relaxed and comfortable

Highlights of the room:
Good atmosphere, private
Has a quiet, relaxing garden

Garden size 1,000 sq m.
Passenger elevator
Central clubhouse
Key card access system for entry and exit
24-hour security system
Jogging insert

Nearby places:
Siam Park 6.5 km. (13 minute drive)
Fashion Island 4.9 km. (9 minute drive)
The Promenade Ramintra 5.3 km. (10 minute drive)
The Walk Kaset Nawamin 5.5 km. (14 minutes)
Makro Ramintra 6.2 km. (15 minutes drive)
Kwan Riam Floating Market 12.8 km. (21 minutes drive)
Nopparat Ratchathani Hospital 4.9 km. (10 minute drive)
Phyathai Nawamin Hospital 2.6 km. (7 minute drive)
Sinphet Ramintra Hospital 1.7 km. (6 minute drive) minute)
Triam Udom Suksa Nomklao School 9.6 km. (15 minute drive)
Kasem Bundit University 12.1 km. (27 minute drive)

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